3rd International Workshop on Plan 9

By | October 11, 2008

Estos son los artículos aceptados para la próxima cita:

  • 9P For Embedded Devices, Bruce Ellis and Tiger Ellis.
  • Glendix: A Plan 9/Linux Distribution, Anant Narayanan, Shantanu Choudhary, Vinay Pamarthi and Manoj Gaur.
  • Inferno DS : Inferno port to the Nintendo DS, Salva Peiro.
  • Mrph: A Morphological Analyzer, Noah Evans.
  • Scaling Upas, Erik Quanstrom.
  • Semaphores in Plan 9, Sape Mullender and Russ Cox.
  • Upperware: Pushing the Applications Back Into the System, Gorka Guardiola, Francisco J. Ballesteros and Enrique Soriano.
  • Vidi: A Venti To Go, Latchesar Ionkov (desafortunadamente no podra atender).
  • v9fb: A Remote Framebuffer Infrastructure for Linux, Abhishek Kulkarni and Latchesar Ionkov (desafortunadamente no podra atender).



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