Himalaya’s trekking on 2017 – From Ding Buche to Chhukkung

By | October 25, 2017

I slack on the bed while X. prepares his stuff. So without changing clothes I have the breakfast first, and then go to select the pieces that we won’t carry to Chhukkung.

Since the house is powered by solar energy, the powerbank is only charged to a half so the hostess only charge half the price.

We start the ascension even if it’s a smooth one with a steady pace. We are accompanied by the river and when looking back we get an impressive look at the valley and Dingbuche below.

Chhukkung seems to be the typical place here with full of lodges with english signs. Our lodge claims to be one of the highests.

Not so much to do during the evening. L. is having a hard digestion so I give him some almax.

I take a nap, meditate, and notice how attached I became to receive messages from my loved ones, so I spend some time writing letters and letting go of this thoughts.

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