Himalaya´s trekking on 2017

By | October 12, 2017

During October 2017 I embarked myself on an adventure that took me across the world to a place that is revered by many: by tourists that seek to visit the colourful Kathmandu; by trekkers that adventure themselves on the natural park around the highest peaks of the world that is also the home of the sherpa people; by buddhists because north of Nepal is close to Tibet and there are temples and ancient scriptures on the rocks there; and also by alpinists who look to reach the highest peaks there; be that the Everest or one of the many one that crown the Himalayas.

At the skirts of giants

I wrote a diary during that days and I have been reluctant to publish it till now, so maybe the distance of time and space allow me to revive that days with a sense of wonder anew.

In the next posts I will be posting some chapters of it with some photographs. Let serve this to reconnect with the nepali and sherpa people whose hospitality was outstanding in all the places we crossed, and with all the members of the travel that participated on this.

Ater landing with the helicopter
One of the many suspension bridges on the first days of the trekking

Chronicle by day:

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