Himalaya’s trekking on 2017 – Second day

By | October 15, 2017

We get up to receive our breakfast. For me, porridge and a good black coffee.

There is not much to wait before we set our way and start walking. Soon I discover Rivendel-like forests and wateralls, lots of pine trees and even one pinsapo (probably an himalayan alpine fir).

Xan asked me many times to tell him as soon as I see another. I doubt if what I saw was right because it wasn’t until the end of the journey that I spot another.

Many people wandering here: Other trekkers from all over the world. Mainly: americans, french, some german, many chinese and some friendly happy indian gang and one spanish group that is coming back from the Everest.

There are many porters, sherpas carrying goodies for other villages. Lots of them have a X-shaped basket, while many others carry stuff for people like us.

I cannot forget to mention about the many rows of horses and yaks that also carry staff. We must be wary when crossing them since the trails are narrow and with a stepped fall in one side.

I enjoy being here in these country villages, happy myself when I see children play and laughing. They are always the most authentic.

Jetha, Tundu and Sonam are very supportive and we laugh when traslating words from nepalese to spanish and backwards.
E.g.: “vistarei” for “walking slowly”.

My name seems to be like horse saddle, something that strikes me of more than a coincidence.

Before closing my report for today I should say that the hanging bridges have been fun and a beautiful sight from the distance, adding the paradise-like atmosphere to this place.

The trek seems nowadays like a must pilgrimage for adventure-hungry people of the world, and I say this, not only after seeing many people, also because there are many bars, shops, guest houses with english signs along the way.

We reach Namche Bazaar, the capital of the sherpa world. I pay to get wifi, a shower and to get the chance to buy a hat for the colder days to come.

I speak with Dad, A. and H. and after the dinner I get ready to write, read some and listen my old MP3.

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