Himalaya’s trekking on 2017 – From Phortse to Machermo

By | October 18, 2017

Today I took my breakfast with milk and a porridge based on corn and my usual black coffee.
The others have grown fond of the masala tea and they order it at each presented chance.
We wave goodbye to the kind hosts, in my case, they shake my hands with some words in spanish, and also we wish well to the rest of the family and the fellow climbers.

The trek starts by going back down and now crossing the river and following a path up that is testing our stamina and forces us to walk slowly to catch our breath.

The Dukquosi (Milky river) is at our right side becoming narrower as our ascension continues.

The first part of the trail is almost all upwards and we cross more porters, a woman herding yaks, more women carrying stuff and some other trekkers. They are not as common as in our first days around Namche Bazaar.

Again I take the moments while we have a rest when Tundu marks it to breathe from the beauty of the mountains and allow the sun to warm my skin.

We make a stop for lunch around 11 a.m. knowing that the rest of the way will be easier for today.

We are now over 4000 meters of altitude and I feel a bit of pressure on the back of my head. It’s very subtle but I decide not to risk it and take my first pill: one paracetamol.

I forgot to mention that Sonam got behind at the lodge however he catched up a little bit before our lunch place.

Another man in the lunch place resulted to be one young man from Kathmandu, in his thirties, he speaks a very good english and told me that this trek was more beautiful than the others and that he would spend nine days on them.

Everest: We will go to the base camp, and Island Peak…We will climb it!

At last, in Marchemo I salute the porters in nepalese and the hostess smiles when she notices me using some words like “duk chya” (tea with milk) with Tundu.

The interior of the lodge

Stories about travels around Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia using Bangkok as a hub to get the visas are told by L. and T.

Today I feel like wishing for more time in the evenings under the sun. Some times I think about my people back home and what worried me, feeling distant and wishing for more clarity.

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