Himalaya´s trekking on 2017 – Days of preparation

By | October 13, 2017

Days of preparation.

All started with a poster.

All started with this poster at Oselin

This is the second post with the chronicles of the travel I did to Nepal on 2017, including the Trekking on the himalayas and the ascension to the Imja Tse (Island Peak).

Yes, all started with a poster. It was during my second visit to Oseling, that I saw the picture
and recognized the name of my friend announcing it. I knew I had to be there. I met Cristina during
my first time I went to Oseling, so quickly after going back home I contacted her and with the
help of her company I started to arrange all that was needed. He sent me detailed instructions, things
to carry, vaccines needed when traveling, meds that could be needed and that are common knowledge
between mountaineers that venture at such altitudes.

Morning at Oseling
Me, Emma and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tara_(Buddhism) (the female bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism)

The thing is that due to my work I could not go during the Spring to Tibet, so the plans changed and I decided to go at the end of summer to Nepal and the heart of the Himalayas instead.

Changing plans and going to the Himalayas

The days approached and Cristina helped me a lot solving doubts that arose, and another friend of mine,
Arturo (Check his travel blog http://alfabravo.org/), helped me buying all the stuff I would need. I did not have proper winter
gear so we made a good stash with the clothes, sun glasses, trekking cane, etc., the cashier was amazed
when she saw all the collected stuff and more when he heard it was for such a far place.

Alfa Bravo giving his wise counsel when getting the equipment.

I remember that as the day to depart approached I was very nervous, not only for the travel (I needed to go
from San Fernando to Madrid by train first to catch the plane there), but because I was preparing an exam, and
the test was one day before catching the flight.

Before packing
After packing

They day came, and I could spend the day with my friends in Madrid: Monica, Rober and Emma. I passed the exam, yay!
So with the heavy backpack at my back, I headed my steps towards the Madrid airport where I met Cristina again
after a year and the ones who would be my travel partners in the Nepal Adventure: Luis, Xan, Monica and David.

I never took a flight so long, but luckily the wariness I had on flights years ago had dissapeared, and we
arrived to Delhi first. On the airport we could see many peoples with the bindi, the red dot on the forehead,
and although some of us were worried about being able to catch the next plane to Kathmandu, everything went
smoothly including customs.

The guides were waiting for us at the airport and Kathmandu was around us.
There, we met Tomas, after the checking was done at the hotel, we met Tomas who came from the UK and joined us. The team was assembled, it was time to celebrate our first night in Kathmandu!

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