Nueva version de hercules 3.06 disponible

By | January 12, 2009


Con fecha de 11 de enero de 2009, Jay Maynard ha anunciado la versión 3.06 de hercules. Hercules es un emulador de mainframe IBM capaz de ejecutar distintos OSes de este fabricante, incluyendo OS/360, VM/370, MVS y z/OS.
Se recomienda la instalación de esta nueva versión (para los que tengan instalada la versión anterior) y como novedades se incluye lo siguiente :

  • Integrated 3270 (SYSG) console support (Roger Bowler, Jan Jaeger)
  • HMC DVD-RAM read/write support (Jan Jaeger)
  • 64-bit native version now supported on Mac OS X (Jay Maynard)
  • Ability to specify IFL, zIIP, and zAAP engine types (Roger Bowler, Jan Jaeger, Ivan Warren)
  • Console-like message handling (David “Fish” Trout, Bernard van der Helm)
  • Tape automount CCW support (David “Fish” Trout)
  • CKD Locate Record Extended CCW (Greg Smith)
  • Support for FLEX-ES FakeTape tape images (David “Fish” Trout; FLEX-ES and FakeTape are trademarks of Fundamental Software, Inc.)
  • More complete 3490 and 3590 tape support (David “Fish” Trout)
  • Solaris build support (Jeff Savit)
  • FreeBSD build support (Bjoern A. Zeeb)
  • Panel enhancements:
    • Display virtual storage in primary, secondary, and home space(Paul Leisy)
    • Display and modify PSW fields by panel command (Roger Bowler)
    • Modify control registers by panel command (Roger Bowler)
    • Specify IPL parameter by PARM operand (Ivan Warren)
    • New panel commands: automount, cmdtgt, ctc, herc, msghld, pscp, scp, sfk (David “Fish” Trout, Bernard van der Helm)
  • LEGACYSENSEID configuration statement (Ivan Warren)
  • New instruction feature support (introduced with System z10):
    • Parsing-Enhancement Facility (Bernard van der Helm)
    • Message-Security-Assist Extension 2 (Bernard van der Helm)
    • General-Instructions-Extension Facility (Roger Bowler, Jan Jaeger)
    • Execute-Extensions Facility (Bernard van der Helm)
    • Move-with-Optional-Specifications Facility (Roger Bowler)
    • Compare-and-Swap-and-Store Facility 2 (Ivan Warren)
  • Many emulation fixes (Roger Bowler, Jan Jaeger, Ivan Warren, David “Fish” Trout, Greg Smith, Paul Leisy, Jay Maynard, Bernard van derHelm, Kevin Leonard, Tony Harminc)

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