Himalaya’s trekking on 2017 – From Dzongla to Lobuche

By | October 22, 2017

I have no records of the morning, although I have some photos:

I remember spending time during the afternoon on the cliff looking towards the glaciar. Feeling the centering that the open spaces can give.

I found myself thinking how this seemed the aftermath of a place where supersaiyans have ravaged the place. It is the immeasurable strength of old glaciars.

Some trekkers find my glasses that I left forgotten on a nearby rock.

Helicopter, we guess they mainly come here to transport someone back to recover in
less altitude.
Yaks, even this high

Before that, Tomás and I had an expresso and an apple pie in a shop that claimed to be the highest bakery cafe in the world.

World Highest Bakery Cafe
Chilling out in my room at the lodge

We have dinner with the group of spanish people and I have a cigar with O. and T.

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