Himalaya’s trekking on 2017 – From Gokkyo to Thagnak

By | October 20, 2017

The top of the eatern hill was hiding a surprise: A view of a barren land of another planet. It is an old glaciar in a receding state. The look of it now is like seeing the bottom of a dry river, full of rocks as if pulverized by the force of ice long ago.

However, Sonam reminds me, “this pass is dangerous, that is why it is recommended to pas it soon in the morning”.

And soon, I see the reason of this; some of the walls of white dirty rock are actually ice and we can see and hear how small chunks of rocks and high ground fall from their top into the ponds.

We pass a lot of porters. The two porters that come with us are doing the same way and we pass each other several times. This morning I gave them two snacks asking them to please accept and they did and thanked. Also we talked with a group of spanish people that were doing this path without guides.

This takes from 7:30 to 10:00 and we are in our new destination at the skirts of a mountain.

Tomas, Luis and me took the first shower in days and we washed our clothes. This felt really awesome.

After this, I decide to venture myself into the hills to see the glaciar and have some time of solitude and inspiration.

When topping one hill I see a couple in the distance, also enjoying the view, on of them waves and I wave back.

To find a quieter place I continue climbing and find a good spot.

Time to find the feelings that center myself. The mountains and music from Dances with wolves. I meditate and go back.

I got up from the nap when Luis is ordering his stuff. I found myself annoyed by the noise but I enter in a good mood when I hear people joking outside.

Sonam, Tundu, X. and another sherpa are talking with a female sherpa guide and X. seems interested and everyone is laughing and giggling with the interaction.

I am eager to ross the Chola Pass tomorrow. For safety, it will be something that we will do early in the morning and this can take us even 8 hours. I am tired of sleeping almost all the day in the previous days so I welcome a long day in nature.

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