Sleeping under the stars

By | October 9, 2016

El Puerto del Boyar

I decided not to finish the day without writing about this weekend.

Not many days ago I attempted a similar adventure going alone to spend the night in the countryside with the sole company of my newly acquired tent and sleeping bag. Tales of wild dogs attacking surprised trekkers didn´t ease my mind while I went there by car at night, so that adventure didn´t take the turns I expected, even when I had nice discoveries when the day arrived.
The record of that story was taken and fictioned somehow by my friend Alfa Bravo here:

Several times Alfa Bravo poked me to repeat the same adventure this time by making a joint effort with the rest of the gang. So, this time, one journey that started with only 3 being interested ended with 7 of us going to El Puerto del Boyar on Saturday to live the experience.

As usual, we meet at Moli´s, the place we like to gather to have a bite for breakfast. Although this time it´s at 5pm when all of us are sound and ready. I joke about Arantxa and Alfa Bravo leaving La Comarca when I see them with their backpacks.

Leaving La Comarca

Soon, 3 cars are ready to go, and we reach Puerto de El Boyar with enough time to trek along the trail that leads to El Puerto de las Presillas.

I feel subdued from the usual chatter of my mind when ascending the path as I am captivated by the colors the valley below us is taking. The sun irradiates magnificent in his last hour approaching the horizon. Moments like this make me feel like shaken and awaken from the stupid slumber of the routines of living in the city.   The valley with its trees that grabs its sides of the mountains make an astounding carpet taking hold of the rocks, the reality and my eyes.
puesta de sol

I can´t avoid finding myself laughing happily at this. And my friends tell me they like seeing me this way.

Near the trail we find the spot where we will spend the night, so after setting the tents, 3 of us decide to take a run and climb two little peaks to the west so we can have a better look of the last lights.

I finding myself joining my two buddies in the contemplation. We are silent sitting atop this height looking at the distance. The yellow, oranges, reds are mixing together to the west, trenched against the approaching darkness of the new night.

I ask: “Think in a word to describe this moment”.  I notice how all of us concentrate on getting the picture that displays in front of us and around and get no answer. I smile in satisfaction.


We receive a call in the walkie talkie from Alfa Bravo inviting us to join the rest of the party below to have a beer. So, we go back down, taking care on not flinching and putting our hands where the rocks do not cut.

How many times I have felt like a child seeing the setting sun for the first time? I will turn 40 very soon, however the moment of the setting sun seems like the same one, when I am 5 years old again, taking me where no time exist. That is what I feel now.

Enjoying this experience with my friends make it totally different from the times I have been alone, and I start to appreciate that.

Down below, we share the meal, I give fruit to Pablo with gives me part of his bocadillo. Arturo invites me to a beer while Lucena gives me a cigar.

After the meal, Salva, Pablo and me trudge onto the opposite direction to have a better spot of the valley for tomorrow.

Maybe it´s the nature, the scenery, the time, the silence, or perhaps just being out of our normal routine that we spend a couple of hours talking about the purpose of life and the usual discussions I enjoy to be part of.


I could continue writing about the next morning, however, I will leave that for your imagination. I prefer to leave you now wondering and with your mind wandering in wayfarers paths, the special moments that makes you feel centered…and I wish that you reach for them with no delay.

Another summary of the story in spanish can be read at

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