Himalaya’s trekking on 2017 – From Chhukkung to Island Peak Base Camp

By | October 26, 2017

We walk through a path that seems taken from another planet, full of smashed rocks, like from a film of the Riddick chronicles, a desert.

We don’t cross or see other trekkers but we see the Island Peak on the distance and follow that direction.

Luis, Tomás. and I go first and soon we find Sonam and Coultin, the climbing guide that is helping X.

The base camp is arranged in several clusters of tents and ours seems to be in the last pocket.

We are received in a big yellow tent marked with the sign of Prestige Adventures.

It is tall enough to accomodate us standing up and it featur5es a central table surrounded by camping charis. We received a warm welcome and have our lunch there prepared by a cook in the nearest tent.

When it is getting dark I depart alone for a walk, and I am taken by the beautiful sights and sounds: The sky full of stars, and on the ground everything dark but for the globes of lights that come from the inhabited tents, the contour of the mountains arranged on the horizon…

The captivating sounds of a distant song played by an unknown musical instrument, it is a soothing melody in this distant land.

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