Himalaya’s trekking on 2017 – From Dingbuche to Pangbuche

By | October 28, 2017

…. or google earth view. While stading at the top, a choba comes to this height, over six thousand meters height. It looks like the old tales where an animal come to deliver a message from the gods and go.

I have been so afraid during the ascension that I only want to come to safety. Luis goes down and wait on the rappel down line while I have to wait while talking to the australian guy that tells me that yesterday y climbed the Mera peak. X. and Coultin arrive. Xan sprawl on the floor and Karma helps me all the way down by changing the safeties. This is easier and faster than going up.

I think about all this crazyness that I have lived in the last hours and at the moment I think this stuff is not for me.

Going down takes all my strength and the plastic boots are rigid and do not help. Luis and Karm wait for me all the way down.

We reach the base camp where Sonam is getting my backpack. We celebrate with a coke that the cook gives me and I grab a snicker that Tomás offers, when we reach the camp.

We finally have lunch and decide to go down and descend the altitude all we can so we can sleep and regenerate better during the night. It is several hours walking until we reach Dingbuche.

I am happy.

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